An implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis is a remarkable solution for individuals with multiple missing teeth, offering both stability and a natural appearance. There are different kinds of implant-supported fixed dental prostheses, including zirconia, zirconia with a metal substructure, and acrylic hybrid options.

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Zirconia dental prostheses are known for their exceptional durability and aesthetic qualities. They are crafted entirely from zirconia, a strong and tooth-colored ceramic material.

Zirconia with a metal substructure combines the strength of metal with the aesthetic benefits of zirconia, providing a reliable and natural-looking solution. Acrylic hybrid prostheses feature an acrylic base with fixed teeth, offering affordability and ease of repair if needed. These implant-supported fixed dental prostheses are versatile, catering to various patient needs and preferences, and they offer a long-lasting and stable solution for those seeking to restore their smile and regain full dental functionality.